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What is the fastest car in the whole world 2015

what is the fastest car in the whole world 2015
Zenvo ST1 — Top Speed: However, despite the obvious and ever present danger, people still aim for the stars and put all their efforts into eclipsing past records that it almost feels like our society has an addiction for speed!

It likely that not many of would ever be able to drive one of these fast-paced vehicles, let alone own one, but it is definitely amazing how fast these cars can and the incredible top speeds they are able to reach. If you are looking for an awesome car brand, then here are top 10 most luxurious car brands in There is no street legal car that can do or mph.

what is the fastest car in the whole world 2015

I wish these non car people would just stop because In the comments people are making no sense. There are a ton of cars missing on this list.

what is the fastest car in the whole world 2015

I have been following this website for a long while and is wondering if it ever gets updated? Coz im not gonna waste my tym on old things tht neva gets updated……. How cum koenigsegg one: No car has been able to break records set by one: The only threat to one: This list is totally innacurate…their many cars that werent included in that list, just like the other guy said, no Sesto Elemento, no Agera R.

Gemmeny engineering and style design.

Top 10 Fastest Cars In The World

2 Aug The fastest cars in the world include legendary vehicles from the likes of Bugatti

Man everyone knows koenigsegg agerras are top euro spec cars so i think they are illegal PLUS this is all about top 10 street legal fastest cars of the world. The tuatara is the fastest car of now but they are making a hennessy f5 which will be the fastest car in the world hitting like or more.

This is complete messed up. There are heaps of cars that are not supposed to be here.

what is the fastest car in the whole world 2015

This is missing heaps of cars. Agera r is the third fastest and bugatti super sport is 1st and hennesy venom gt is 2nd and agera is 3rd. Koenigsegg claims that, but now the Hennesy Venom GT is fastest. Want to know where I got my info? The hennesy venom website and wiki.

The fastest cars in the world. The highest speed of supercars.

I totally disagree with the two comment above me. I Hennessey Venom is the fastest car in the world. Yeah, agera R must be the 2nd fastest car and the fastest car must be Koenigsegg One: Nobody can beat koenigsegg with speed. And I saw agera R hitting mph in unofficial vid xD.

and McLaren, along with a few more obscure manufacturers.

Your email address will not be published. List of Content Here are the top 10 fastest cars in the world in McLaren P1 — Top Speed: Ferrari LaFerrari — Top Speed: Therefore, the vehicle is relatively cheaper than the Koenigsegg Agera R and delivers a similar performance, only 3 mph less! Which one is the better vehicle? Well, that we can only find out when the two cars RACE! The Bugatti Veyron held the Guinness World Record for being the fastest supercar in the world for years and was the first ever production car to exceed the mph mark.

However, after facing a few technical difficulties, its title was taken over by the Koenigsegg. This is when Bugatti introduced its Super Sport model that has a max speed of mph.

The best feature of the Super Sport is it makes reaching insane speeds seem effortless. As a result, the vehicle is a breeze to drive and also comfortable and luxurious to sit in, even though it is a supercar.

what is the fastest car in the whole world 2015

Built by the German tuning company, 9ff, the GT9 is a supercar based on the historic Porsche In fact, the looks and exterior styling of the car is also pretty similar to theonly with the interior of the car being stripped out for lightness and looks basic as compared to the Porsche.

The car is faster than the original Bugatti Veyron, but slower than the SuperSport model. Regardless, the GT9-R is purely a beast on the roads and comes equipped with a rather unique technology. It is fitted and modified with a 4. This massive engine enables the vehicle to reach top speeds of mph and also gives it the ability speed from zero to 60 mph in just 2. The makers of the GT9-R have ensured no two vehicles manufactured are alike and offers potential owners with the option of customizing or personalizing their vehicles to their liking when it comes to design, color, and performance.

However, this change too was reverted five days later. Regardless, for a rather new company in the market, SSC has generated a lot of attention with its Ultimate Aero car. The vehicle comes equipped with a 6. It has a top speed of mph, just 1 mph less than the GT9-R!

what is the fastest car in the whole world 2015

The vehicle may gain both positive and negative reviews, as some would like a purer driving experience and others would bemoan the lack of top of the line safety features. Here is a video: How can there be a most expensive cars list without a Lamborghini in it? The Lamborghini Veneno looks completely out of this world with a design similar to Sci-fi movies aircrafts.

what is the fastest car in the whole world 2015

Only 9 of them went into production and all got sold even before the official release. The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita might not be the coolest-looking or fastest in this list, but it still deserves the 2nd spot.

Along with the fancy diamond finishing, it is also great when it comes to speed and power:

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