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How do you plant a strawberry pot

how do you plant a strawberry pot
Strawberry pots can be messy to fill, since there are so many openings on the sides. It grows wild close to my house and would seem safer than the plastic. It's usually easier to plant from the outside of the pot in, inserting the roots through the planting hole and grabbing them inside the pot.

I've added a few more details about turning pots etc on my instructable here https: I actually use water pipes in a lot of my potted plants in the garden. I know from experience that It helps to force the roots to grow deeper.

Watering from the top does not always get to the bottom, and it will dry out quicker. I just wanted to say thank you for your easy to understand steps for planting strawberries in a terracotta pot. My mother and I decided to plant strawberries and bought a few to start with but neither one of us knew the first thing about planting them in a pot!

I went on the internet and found your step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish our goal. I even found a PVC pipe in the yard that I needed. I had to improvise for the power tool with a very sharp knife but I was able to cut the pipe to the size I wanted and to carve holes in it.

how do you plant a strawberry pot

Don't recommend this but I really needed to use the knife in this case. Can't wait for the next 30 days when the strawberries start to grow. I would like to send a picture when this takes place because without this site and your know-how there wouldn't have been this elation I feel with having completed my project for the first time!

how do you plant a strawberry pot

You will also need a shallow terra-cotta saucer that fits onto the top of your strawberry jar. Secure the pump in the bottom of the strawberry jar with stones and run the length of tubing up through the top of the jar. Drill a hole into the center of the shallow dish and place it on top of the strawberry jar, running the remainder of the tubing through.

To prevent leaking, you may want to seal around this hole with suitable sealant. You have the option of adding a fitting that sprays, gurgles, drips, etc. Arrange some water-loving plants of your choice into the basin and fill in around them with decorative rocks. You can also add some decorative rock to the top saucer, if desired. Fill both the basin and strawberry jar with water until it begins to overflow on the lowest pocket or until the pump is covered completely with water.

Once filled, the water is pumped up through the tubing and bubbles onto the saucer and over the rim into the basin below. Be sure to add more water as it evaporates so the pump does not run dry.

Gardening with strawberry jars is not only easy but fun. They are well suited for any garden, especially small ones such as patios. Strawberry jars can be used for growing various plants or even tranquil fountains.

Nothing adds beauty to the garden quite like the versatile strawberry jar. But I have one pot that is shallow with pockets that are all at the same level. When I pot it up, which is basically never, the plants grow crowded and compete for space.

Bigger strawberry pots stay wet longer and provide more root space for plants. That said, I have been hunting for a simple, small pot for years with no luck.

But I plan to grow thyme in it.

how do you plant a strawberry pot

What plants work best in strawberry pots? The Famous Watering Trick, Modified As mentioned above, strawberry pots are known for having water distribution problems.

PVC pipes cost money. Scour recycling bins for plastic water bottles that are long, tall, and thin.

Growing an Edible Strawberry Pot

Look for a bottle that is nearly as tall as your pot. Using the tiniest drill bit you can find, make lots of holes all around the bottle. At planting time, bury the bottle in the centre of the pot, with the top just sticking up above the soil line.

Explore Water Tube, Strawberry You, and more!

Try to hide it behind some foliage. When watering, direct the flow into the bottle and fill. Now, cap it off.

how do you plant a strawberry pot

Capping the bottle seems to restrict the flow, giving the entire pot the chance to soak up the water, instead of sending it straight down to the bottom of the pot. Email Twitter Facebook Pinterest.

how do you plant a strawberry pot

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How To Plant Vertical Strawberry Planter

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Don't try to get around this by watering each individual opening, you'll just wash away the soil. The best method for insuring the entire pot of plants gets watered well is to insert a pipe into the center of the pot while planting.

This is listed as optional, but it will make watering much MORE easier and more efficient in the long run. To create a watering pipe, measure the length of your strawberry pot and then cut a piece of PVC piping inches shorter. At this point you can add a timed release fertilizer to your potting soil. Most pots will hold about 4 quarts of potting soil, but different pots take different amounts of soil and the only way to really gauge how much you'll need is to fill your pot with the soil.

Then toss the soil into your wheelbarrow and mix in the recommended amount of fertilizer pellets.

Gardening With Strawberry Jars

25 Mar Strawberry pots make wonderful container gardens for any type of plant. They

Dampen your potting soil before planting. This will make the potting soil easier to work with, because there will be less dust, and it will help keep it from falling out the potting holes.

how do you plant a strawberry pot

With your plants, watering pipe, and soil prepared, you are ready to start planting your strawberry pot. Begin planting your strawberry pot by filling the bottom of the pot with potting mixup to the level of the first planting holes. At this point, insert your PVC pipe into the center of the pot and press it into the soil lightly, just so it's anchored. Stuff a piece of paper or paper towel into the top opening of the pipe, to prevent soil from falling into it as you plant.

To get your plants into the planting holes, you're going to need to squeeze or stretch the root ball. Try not to rip off or damage the roots.

how do you plant a strawberry pot

Instead, gently massage the root ball into a more tubular shape. It's okay if the soil falls off, but try not to tear off roots.

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