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What does a crack cocaine addict look like

what does a crack cocaine addict look like
The ingestion of crack cocaine can result in serious intoxication and may require hospitalization. There may be crack pipes around made of metal or glass. Not Helpful 15 Helpful

Signs and Symptoms of Crack Cocaine Use

Compared with the non-freebase form of cocaine, this hastened abuse cycle of

Listen for sounds of hoarseness or difficulty talking. Smoking or snorting crack may damage mucous linings of the nose and throat, making it difficult to swallow and speak. Look for signs of excessively red and bloodshot eyes. Dilated pupils are another sign that the person may be intoxicated from crack.

When the pupils are dilated, the black portion of the eye that allows light to enter become larger than normal. Pay attention to changes in behavior that include disruptions in sleeping habits, increased irritability or depression. Individuals using crack often miss work, distance themselves from their loved ones and develop erratic behavior that places a strain on personal and work relationships.

what does a crack cocaine addict look like

As crack use increases, an individual may experience increased sensations of paranoia or hallucinations. COM is for educational use only.

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How to Identify Crack Cocaine: What It Looks and Feels Like

As the person gets deeper into crack cocaine abuse, he or she may exhibit psychological changes. Depression is common, especially when the person is not using the drug; the brain is less able to normally manage dopamine levels with prolonged use. The person may not be able to feel happiness without using. You may also notice that your friend thinks that someone is out to get them or seems to hear or see things that are not there.

Prolonged use or high doses of crack can lead to paranoia or even full-blown psychosis. The person may lose touch with what is going on around him or her and may even have hallucinations.

Crack use often lowers inhibitions and may cause your friend to become more sexually aggressive.

Crack Addict Behavior

While high, your loved one may be more likely to have sex with more than one person and also may be less likely to use protection. Getting fixes of crack cost money and to get more crack cocaine, an addict may be willing to have sex with anyone to get more of the drug or to get more money to buy more.

what does a crack cocaine addict look like

Both of these behaviors can increase the risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection or getting pregnant. As a part of the mood swings, aggression, and paranoia, your loved one may be more prone to violence. This also may be related to the need to earn money to fund the crack use.

People who attempt to get off crack on their own face some rather daunting withdrawal symptoms, including hunger, paranoia, cravings, irritability, and extreme anxiety. Although many people know the terms crack cocaine and crackthey may not know how to identify the drug.

what does a crack cocaine addict look like

They vary in size and shape. When the drug is burning, people anecdotally report that it smells like burning rubber or plastic.

what does a crack cocaine addict look like

Although it is distinctive, people who are unfamiliar with most intoxicating drugs do not know the difference between the smell of crack cocaine and the smell of a meth lab.

Either can be dangerous, so it is important to report suspected labs and chemical-like smells to immediately. The drug is solid, so it is typically smoked or freebaseda process in which the drug is liquefied, and the vapor is inhaled as it melts.

what does a crack cocaine addict look like

By changing cocaine into crack cocaine, the drug can be melted at a lower temperature. Speak to a Crack Intake Coordination Specialist now. Speak with an Intake Coordination Specialist now.

Effects of a Crack Addiction. There are a number of health risks associated with crack that occur in the short-term and the long-term.


Some of these potential adverse health side effects of crack may include: Extreme weight loss and malnutrition Long-term cardiovascular problems that can lead to heart attack and stroke Cognitive decline Confusion and psychotic problems Damaged mouth, teeth, and lips Severe depression and anxiety People who are on crack for a long period of time are more likely to experience infections because of a compromised immune system, and they may have damage to organs including the liver and kidneys.

Signs Someone is Binging On Crack. Crack is a drug that is conducive to bingeing for many addicts. Have more questions about Crack abuse? See also Crack Hotline.

what does a crack cocaine addict look like

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