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What is a good team for pokemon crystal

what is a good team for pokemon crystal
Sign Up for free. Shadow ball is great for taking out stuff with high special defence and paper defence stats too, as espeon gets okay attack stats if you train it right.

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The 50 Best Pokemon Up to "Pokemon Crystal"

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Does any one know a good starting team for pokemon..

team him using in crystal as its gonna be in the end of the.

Login to view your favourites or register with the link above. Down to Quick Reply. Im new to this forum thing but just wanted to post up my team and see what you guys think. Feel free to rate and stuff like that. This is a new team a recently started using but have about 3 others but will put them up later. Let me know what you think? I went through the game with only cyndaquil and kadabra and got 8 badges and beat elite 4 in 12 hours so make sure you buy an abra in goldenrod from the game corner But my very 1st Crystal team seemed to work the best for me: Lapras Espeon Lanturn Dragonite Heracross Houndoom I've forgotten their movesets it's been a year but I remember the only thing that gave me trouble was Red, even at 10 lvls higher than him lol I need a new signature.

Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting. Both the hidden powers cover for weakness along with earthquake and rest can be used for easy recovery. It has an amazing defense stat along with 9 resistances and 2 immunities. Use whirlwind to switch out anything resisting drill peck. Rest gives it recovery and curse boosts its two most prominent stats. Thunder wave really helps Ampharos because of its low speed and dynamic punch is just that extra bit of coverage.

what is a good team for pokemon crystal

This Pokemon is irreplaceable Gyarados: Here is the team I put together for my latest run of Gold. It's not the best but it has some of my favorite Pokemon in it and altogether is pretty powerful with a decent movepool. No cheats or trading required.

Best team in Crystal?

The Gyarados can be shiny my preference and that can be captured at Lake of Rage. You can replace one of the above Pokemon with Snorlax, which you find in Vermilion city.

what is a good team for pokemon crystal

I have Body Slam, Rest, Rollout, and snore on mine at the moment, but I'm thinking of putting sleep talk on it. Hope this helps guys: This is my team. Personally, I relied a lot on my starter.

what is a good team for pokemon crystal

My sweepers are mainly Typhlosion and Pidgeot, although Jynx is surprisingly good at cleaning off the teams in front. Now I'm raising my Raikou and he is proving to be a real beast!

This team will be valid no matter the starter. This is for Pokemon Crystal so if youre playing Gold or Silver some things may not be possible for you.

what is a good team for pokemon crystal

Im listing HMs to the movesets so make sure yourself that you only give one of each of those to your Pokemon. If you got either of those two and not one of the other five or you did get one of the other five but you just dont want to use the one you got you could use one of these:. Since you get Dragonite pretty late before getting him you could use Fearow, Pidgeot or any other flying type you want before getting him.

Typhlosion has high offensive stats and a high speed stat making him very strong. Pidgeot gets you around Johto and Kanto and has decent stats all around. Alakazam has good versatility with all elemental punches being special and very good stats to support these.

This set gives decent coverage, clearing out most water, rock and ground types with iron tail, earthquake or dynamicpunch, and rollout can be run to get rid of fire types whilst taking minimal damage yourself. Upcoming games for What are you looking forward to?

what is a good team for pokemon crystal

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Raising a Good Team - Guide for Pokemon Crystal

This Pokémon is probably the best starter for this game, only having here is the

Find a walkthrough Ask a question Start a discussion. Question for Pokemon Crystal Does any one know a good starting team for pokemon crystal? If so tell me! Add your answer 19 Answers. Best Answer yrbanys answered: Showing latest comments show all 10 Guest said: Click here to comment on this answer.

what is a good team for pokemon crystal

Showing all comments Guest said: Added 9th AugID Added 11th SepID Added 26th NovID Added 22nd DecID Added 21st MarID Added 10th AugID Added 17th SepID Added 12th JunID Added 28th SepID I was playing Crystal earlier and I caught me a wild Buizel Added 5th JunID Added 30th SepID My Pokemon are cydaquail pidgey magikarp apiom draginite and tyranitar.

Added 7th OctID Added 17th NovID I would recommend spinarak which can be caught around falkeners gym and in the park. Added 15th JanID Added 11th JanID Why are you reporting this question? Comment on your question. Please do not be rude to others. This is to report a problem with the comment to the staff for moderation.

what is a good team for pokemon crystal

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    You were not mistaken Poliwrath is all out attacker and can also put Pokemon to sleep.

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