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Blender tutorial how to make a character

blender tutorial how to make a character
This is because the camera through which a world is observed, has a tendency to distort both field of vision and an objects proportions due to perspective. We will take care of it later.

If you need a complete human in a hurry, I'd recommend MakeHuman free.

blender tutorial how to make a character

It's a very quick way for inept organic modelers like me to create a human figure that imports into Blender with good topology. Riven, did you publish this tutorial on Steam as well? To add a profile picture to your message, register your email address with Gravatar. To protect your email address, create an account on BlenderNation and log in when posting a message. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Featured June 16, 4. October 10, 1.

Adding more geometry Extrude the head and the legs. Extrude head and legs The model at another view Now add a loop around the torso and extrude out the arms. This is all for blocking Extruding out the arms From another view Detailing and Finishing [ edit ] Add a loop that goes through the torso and the arms and another at the sides.

Adding more geometry and rounding the figure Extrude out to form a rough hand. Add an extra loop around the hand and extrude out the thumb. Extruding the hand and thumb Add more loops around the arm, thumb and hand.

Tutorial: Character Creation in Blender

9 Jul Learn Blender at https://Blendercom If you're new to Blender, Could you

Shaping the hand Add this loop to add more geometry on the legs and to the torso. Adding geometry And then shape. Step 14 We now have to arrange the outer vertices properly, as shown.

blender tutorial how to make a character

Step 15 With the two upper corner edges selected, Extrude them by pressing the E key and then move the edges up. Step 16 In Vertex selection mode, arrange the vertices properly to align with the mirrored mesh. Step 17 Press the A key to select all the vertices. Step 18 Jump into the Left view by pressing Control-3 on the Numpad.

Step 19 To see two or more view panels at the same time, click and drag on the Split View Panel button as shown in the image below.

blender tutorial how to make a character

Step 20 Now, select the two corner vertices and move them back according to the side reference image to make the eye outline a rounded shape. Step 21 With the upper and lower pairs of vertices selected, arrange them according to the rounded shape of the eye shown on the reference image.

Female Character Modeling in Blender: Part 1

Step 22 Just like this, arrange the nose vertices in both the front and left view panels according to the reference images. Step 23 Press the 5 key on the Numpad to jump into the Perspective view to check the mesh.

Blocking the Nose and Lips Step 1 Extrude another edge from the lower eye and drag it towards the nose area. Step 2 Next, select two more edges and then Extrude and move them down to the lip. Step 3 Select all three upper extruded edges and go to the Edit panel, click on the Subdivide button and keep the Number of Cuts value at 3. Step 4 Through the same process, I have also subdivided the other parts of the mesh. Step 5 Now, arrange the vertices carefully in the Front view, just as I have shown below.

blender tutorial how to make a character

Step 6 To weld the vertices together, select two corresponding vertices and press Alt-M. Step 7 Using this technique I have merged all of the corresponding vertices together. Step 9 Select the two edges indicated below on the upper nose and Extrude them twice.

blender tutorial how to make a character

Step 10 Jump into the Front view and merge the corresponding vertices together as shown in the following image. Step 11 Also arrange the extruded vertices according to the side reference image in the Side view.

Step 12 Extrude the two edges along the upper lip a little to create a thin outline for the lip. Step 13 Following the same process, Extrude the side edges of the upper lip outline towards the center of the face and then move them up to the nostrils as shown. Step 14 Again merge the vertices using Alt-M as we did previously. Step 15 Now, we have to make the area around the tip of the nose. Step 16 Also Merge the corresponding vertices together.

Step 17 With the two verticies indicated below selected, click on the Subdivide button and keep the Number of Cuts value at 1. Step 18 Turn on Edge selection mode and Extrude the two edges, and then drag them to the lower nostril as shown. Step 19 Merge the corresponding open vertices together to cap the open area.

blender tutorial how to make a character

Step 20 For detailed deformation and sculpting, we need more edges. Step 21 After subdividing the edges, adjust the vertices around the nose tip according to the reference images. Step 22 Next, we will use the knife tool to split the faces. Step 23 Again, adjust the mesh's topology in both the Front and Side views. Step 24 With the Knife tool selected once again, connect the three edges indicated in the image below.

Step 25 Adjust the vertices and mesh flow according to the nose surface as shown. Step 26 While in the Perspective view, use the Knife tool once again to create one more edge loop to add additional detail to the nose.

Creating a Game Character in Blender

Step 27 Create another vertical edge loop to add detail to the nostril hole. Step 28 Now Insert three more cuts around the lower nostril to add detail. Step 29 Adjust the vertices to form a proper space for the nostril. Step 30 With the nostril face selected, press the E key for the Extrude command and then Extrude the nostril face inside the nose to create a hole. Adding the Subdivision Modifier Step 1 We have now completed the nose and upper lip's outline.

Christian Bradley shows how to create a base mesh, sculpt the character, and bake it down into a low-poly version suitable for game play. He also shows how to UV unwrap the figure, apply normal maps, and paint in base colors and other details with Blender's Texture Paint mode.

Creating a base mesh Building an armature Branding armature elements like ears and horns Sculpting the head and hands Creating accessories Creating a low-poly variation UV unwrapping the character Baking and applying normal maps Texture painting.

Show More Show Less. Blender Essential Training with George Maestri. UV Mapping with Darrin Lile. Search This Course Clear Search.

Blender Character Creation: Modelling

Using the exercise files 51s. What you should know before watching this course 47s. Basic interface options and shortcuts in Blender 11m 12s. Getting Started in Blender with the Base Mesh. Setting up image planes 7m 29s. Blocking out the leg 18m 57s. Adding the mirror modifier 4m 23s.

Adding edge loops and smoothing 5m 24s. Blocking out the chest and hips 9m 40s. Blocking out the arms 6m 21s.

blender tutorial how to make a character

Blocking in the back and neck 7m 57s. Blocking out the hands and duplicate fingers 12m 4s.

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