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How to disable sim card on android

how to disable sim card on android
We want to accommodate everyone. These Instructions worked for me on my Note 4. You can get that from your mobile carrier if you enter a wrong PIN 3 times.

Android: How To Disable or Change SIM PIN Code

Tu Ngo 41 2. The app sounds nice, but won't that disable all system warnings, including potentially important ones?

how to disable sim card on android

In the first box you can enter a description like so this is optional: These Instructions worked for me on my Note 4. Worked on my Note 2. This did not work on my rooted Note 3.

how to disable sim card on android

Wound up using an Xposed module. Turn on airplane mode, enable WiFi. Enabling Airplane mode a did not remove the SIM card persistent notification and b added a new persistent notification on my Note 3. Unfortunately this answer is a bust. You need to restart the phone after you put it into airplane mode.

how to disable sim card on android

When it restarts the notification will never come up, probably because it never tries to connect to the mobile network. Tj Brown 21 1.

how to disable sim card on android

Funny little quirk of most Android phones: You can turn on Airplane Mode and then turn on WiFi. Now all messages go thru SMS, and all this other stuff is happening.

how to disable sim card on android

Just want to turn it off. Email will not be published required. Email me when someone adds a comment here.

how to disable sim card on android

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Sim Card Enable Disable

Now tell me how it would be to disable the SIM card directly from your phone without unplugging it physically. Sounds good? That's pretty much bgscena.infoe SIM card using Android's built-in option.

Brian Burgess July 19, at Bogdan July 19, at 2: Bipbip December 17, at 4: Bogdan Bele December 18, at 5: Great to hear that! Kai May 16, at 4: Adi May 30, at 6: Bogdan Bele May 31, at Mark July 21, at 6: Bogdan Bele February 14, at 8: Name February 14, at 8: However, He still wants to keep the sim card on the phone as he wants to use it for calling purpose. He has 2 numbers and uses 2 cell phones.

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One phone number is for primary use and the most active number, the second number is kind of primary number and uses it very rarely. As we now have the overview of this issue it was pretty easy for me to help him with this easy step by step guide below, hope it will help many other people as well.

how to disable sim card on android

This is the best way to disable sim and will save a massive amount of battery on your android device. If you always like to stay online and more active on social media well, you need to take back a step.

In order to save your battery Simply open Settings and then go to Mobile networks and data connection.

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