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How to install creative web camera without cd

how to install creative web camera without cd
Restart your computer when asked to do so. Click the file you want to e-mail.

Plug the webcam into a USB port on your computer. If the webcam is built-in to your computer, skip down to Step 4.

Plug the webcam directly into your computer, not into a USB hub. Wait for the webcam to be installed automatically. Most operating systems will automatically detect and install the necessary software for your webcam. If this doesn't happen, read on. You may be prompted to search for the webcam drivers. Your operating system can usually search online automatically.

how to install creative web camera without cd

Install the software on the disc that came packaged with the webcam. This should install the drivers for the webcam, as well as any additional video software that may come with it. If you don't have the disc, read on. Visit manufacturer's support site. If the webcam doesn't install automatically, and you don't have a disc, you can download the drivers from the manufacturer's website. Logitech is the most popular brand of webcams.

Features and Technical Specifications

Microsoft, Creative, Belkin, and DropCam are all also popular manufacturers. If your webcam is built-in to your laptop, you can get the drivers from your laptop manufacturer's support site. Your webcam should be placed on a flat surface, so that your pictures and videos don't appear crooked or skewed.

Depending on the style and model of your webcam, it may or may not have a convenient and adjustable clip on it in order to attach it to your monitor.

It is most people's preference to attach their webcam to the top of their monitor, because it allows them to be recorded as they're looking at their PC monitor. This is helpful if you're recording a webcast, a video diary, or chatting with friends or family on your web camera. Whether you're using an older CRT monitor, which has a convenient flat surface for your webcam to sit, or a new flat panel display, most webcam clips can accommodate both styles of monitor.

Shown here clipped to a flat panel display, having your webcam in this position is probably the most useful and versatile place you can put it. And, of course, it's easy to take it off and place it somewhere else if you need to.

This is actually one feature that puts desktop PC webcams a step above standard laptop webcams, since they tend to be stuck in the same place centered at the top of your monitor. Of course, the trade of is, your laptop PC is portable itself, so it's not a huge deal.

How to Install and Connect a Webcam to Your PC

31 Jan How To Install A Webcam Without A CD **UPDATED**. HIH . what if u

If the file is not listed here, you will need to extract it from your Windows installation CD. It is located in Driver6. This causes a minor compatibility issue when using a USB 1.

Due to the tight browser - operating system integration in Windows 98, installing an English language version of IE5 will also change the Windows Explorer in Windows 98 and other parts of the operating system into English. This should restore your operating system to its previous state.

How to Install a Web Camera Without a CD

You can download localised versions of Internet Explorer from the country of your choice from Microsoft's website. If your WebCam software installation does not progress after stating that "Installation is in progress Close all background programs including any Anti-virus application, and the WebCam software installation program. The WebCam drivers will be copied onto the system.

The PC-Cam Center installation wizard will initialize, follow the prompts to complete the wizard. TheWebCam Monitor installation wizard will initialize, follow the prompts to complete the wizard. Choose Schedule a monitoring task option The monitor application can be closed once correct time is selected and the Creative Cam will activate the software automatically when required.

The "Still Image Capture" driver is no longer installed. Download and install the updated drivers for the Video Blaster WebCam from our website. Installing the driver will also install the codec. You can however, install only the codec file. Always ensure that the camera is not connected to the computer, when installing the software. If you have connected your WebCam before installing the software we recommend you do the following:.

how to install creative web camera without cd

The WebCam Control may give an 'illegal operation' error when you right-click in the Album, if there are too many Shortcuts ie. LNK file extensions, in the C: To solve this, try reducing the amount of. Note that not all of the files in C: To Check, right-click on the file and select Properties.

The contents of the C: Extract the files MFC Format the WebCam memory and then a hardware reset on the WebCam if you are still having the same problem. Check if there are any other Video Devices in the system e. If you are getting MFC Copy these files into your C: If you receive an error about "WebCam Monitor fails to load skin If you encounter the error message " Can not load skin ", we recommend you download and install the latest release of the Creative WebCam Monitor from our website.

If the control buttons are grayed out when you are in the WebCam Go Control Program, it is recommended that you download and install the updated drivers for your camera.

The following only applies to Windows 98 and ME users. Click on the field that needs to be changed and type in the correct information as displayed above. If the lines do not appear, unplug and uninstall the WebCam Go, reboot your computer system and reinstall the WebCam Go.

This problem can be resolved by downloading and installing the latest WebCam Control from our website.

How to Install Webcam Drivers

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If you are getting a black screen when accessing WebCam Control or Monitor try the following:. Download and install the latest drivers and software WebCam Control and WebCam Monitor for the camera from our website.

To resolve this issue we recommend that you close WebCam Photoeditor and then increase the amount of colours in your Display Settings via Start - Settings - Control Panel - Display - Settings to at least 16 bit color and then re-open the application. When an image is taken and sent to the album in WebCam Go Control it has a default file name e.

However, when you right-click on the image, choose rename and type in a new name it goes back to the default name.

how to install creative web camera without cd

As a workaround, click on the image name and then type in the new name. Then press the return button to save it. If you receive this error message, before reinstalling PC-Cam center please do the following.

We can only offer general troubleshooting suggestions for problems related to third-party programs. Ensure that the microphone is connected to the correct input on the sound card. If your sound card has color-coded connections, the microphone jack is usually red or pink. In each option, select the sound device in your system eg.

SB Audigy Audio 4. Click Start and go to Programs, then Accessories and then Entertainment. The microphone interface on the sound card is now the recording source. If you hear the recording, then the microphone is set up correctly. Test the microphone again in the video conferencing software.

how to install creative web camera without cd

If you continue to experience problems in the video conferencing software, verify the microphone is set correctly in the video conferencing software, or consult the software vendor. Verify that the camera is functioning in the software that was provided with the camera. If the video is displayed in the software then the camera is setup and functioning properly. If video is not displayed, try the following:.

Is your camera using the latest drivers? Visit the download section of our website for updated drivers. Exit the Creative Software before using the video-conferencing software. There is only one stream of video available from the camera at any one time. If you have the Creative software open at the same as the video conferencing software, then the video conferencing software will be unable to access the camera.

You must exit out of the Creative software before attempting to use the WebCam in another program. If you continue to experience problems in the video conferencing software, consult the software vendor for setup and further troubleshooting steps.

Other video chat programs may require different settings for optimized use and functionality. Checking with the software vendor or website may provide further information to allow the software to function with the camera. For best results, set your monitor and display card to display bit color or higher.

For information on changing monitor settings in Windows, refer to the Windows online Help. Ensure that there is adequate lighting for your project. Although it can operate in low light, the resulting image will not be as clear.

how to install creative web camera without cd

Incandescent lighting or outdoor lighting is preferable to fluorescent lighting. In addition, avoid pointing the camera at bright surfaces e. If your camera for example, Video Blaster WebCam Go has a adjustable focus ring, adjust it by rotating the ring. Drag the sliders for the settings that you want to adjust until you get the result you want.

The Video preview displays the effects of the changes you make. You may need to experiement with various combinations. The Exposure value represents the amount of time used for exposing each video frame to light. Disable or enable the Auto Exposure and White Balance settings may also affect the frame rate.

If you are using fluorescent lighting, adjust the White Balance value, so that the image will not have a tint of green or magenta. If you are using warm lighting, increase the Hue value so that the image will not be yellowish.

If you are using cool lighting, decrease this value so that the image will not be bluish. Some sound cards are not detected by the WebCam Go Control and thus no audio is captured during a video capture.

If you try the same with WebCam Go Monitor, the audio device is detected and during a video capture, the audio is also captured. Click Start and go to Programs, then Acessories, then Entertainment. In Control Panel, click Multimedia. Set the sound device for your system eg. Click the Advanced Settings button. This will remove all previously stored settings and erase any stored pictures in memory. Now release the MODE button. Notice that the display will have all its characters lit, and the unit will beep.

Press and release the MODE button once. This will remove all previously stored settings and erase all pictures from the memory.

While still holding down the Mode button, press and hold the Shutter button, then release the Mode button. Press and hold the Mode button again for 1 second to enter factory default calibration mode. Cover the lens once the S01 appears on the LCD display.

how to install creative web camera without cd

For a formatted camera, it should only take a few seconds for the S02 to appear on the LCD. For fresh camera a new camera or a camera with corrupted files it may take a while.

Exx indicates that calibration process failed. If the calibration process fails, try changing the batteries and then start the format process again. If your system fails to boot up while your WebCam Go is connected we recommend that you try the following:. Remember to restart the computer for the software installation to take effect. Your feedback is essential for us to constantly refine our Knowledgebase articles to better support you.

Please take a moment to rate our case. Product specification, technical or troubleshooting information are subjected to change. Please refer to the web release notes in the download section for details.

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