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How to make bean soup with leftover ham bone

how to make bean soup with leftover ham bone
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Stir well, bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer for 60 more minutes. Remove ham bone and discard. Stir in the chopped ham and simmer for 30 more minutes. Season with ground white pepper to taste. You might also like. Navy Bean Soup I See how to make a hearty bean soup with ham and spices.

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Quick Ham and Bean Soup. Mom's Ham and Bean Soup. Ham and Split Pea Soup plays. How to Make Ham and Potato Soup plays. Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup plays.

Basic Ham and Bean Soup plays. I have to give my husband credit for reminding me that we never throw away bones.

Its the best way to make broth. Its how I make my roasted beef broth. Its how I make my slow cooker chicken broth. Why on earth would I not make something with my ham bone?

It, after all, has more flavor than all the other bones because its ham, for crying out loud. So into the slow cooker it went along with all the other standard broth ingredients: Now, I could have easily used water, but I wanted to give it even more flavor because I knew this soup would ultimate have beans and I think beans need a lot of added flavor, so I used chicken broth.

Susan, Ah red bowls, that is what my navy bean soup has been lacking, luv them Wonderful photos as always! I love navy bean soup. Your pink additions are cute! It all looks beautiful as usual!!! I have navy beans and I have leftover ham from Easter. All I need is some striking red bowls and I can recreate your dining experience.

Would you believe my Thyme survived our long winter? Perhaps my thumb is not all that green, after all. It's rather, a muddy olive green.

The fat rose to the top of the stock and was easily scooped off. Had a bowl for lunch on this rainy day-this is gonna be great for lunches this week.

And it used up the leftover ham too-that word I forgot to add in the original post……. Thanks again for the great recipe. Hey…do you think a can of black-eyed peas would work instead of the kidney beans? Thanks for the inspiration, I will be making this today. One comment about freezing: So I either do that with those ingredients if I know I am going to freeze the item, or I omit those two items and add to the thawed dish before serving.

What I do is chop them fine then toss them into the cold dish before I reheat. Cheers, and Happy New Year. I dont have a pot wide enough for the ham bone to lie down in. Lisa, you can obtain nutritional analysis using online resources such as calorie count. Just finished getting it all into dutch oven, took a taste and it tastes really nice, bet it will be even better once veggies meld.

The print button is working fine on my end. Please try a different browser. Also I replaced the potatoes with garbanzo beans. It turned out great. Thanks for the recipe. My family and I just finished eating this soup for lunch with cornbread. The aroma carried through the whole house. My 17 year old son just came and stood by the stove to breath in the flavorful scent.

I followed the recipe as is, but added sliced onions and sofrito, a Spanish seasoning. I also added leftover ham from Christmas along with its drippings. I am so glad to come across your blog and recipe. I look forward to making it again. And serving alongside cornbread is genius. I will definitely have to do that next time!

Do you have any thing that is similar to that? One of my favorite things about holidays is all of the delicious ways to use leftovers. This recipe is perfect! This is an excellent recipe, very easy to follow, and the pictures are beautiful. My soup is simmering on the stove right now — smells delicious! Added a bam…broath was kinda lame so I added chopped tomatoes and a small jar of spag sauce….

Thanks for this recipe! Google led me to this recipe, trying to see what I can do with my leftover ham bone! Had plenty of ham left over from new years dinner that I made both the ham bone soup and ham potatoe chowder. Thank you for the tastey ideas, but I need to freeze one. Whitch do you think woyld hold up better in the freezer?

I would freeze the ham bone soup since the chowder is thick and the consistency may be affected. Myself Im adding small amount of cooked beet greens and and cooked angel hair pasta to the bottom of the bowl just before serving and garnish with very fine chopped green onion. I made this yesterday night, and the hubby really likes it!

I sub pinto beans for the kidney beans since I had a ton of those. Everything else was the same.

how to make bean soup with leftover ham bone

Unfortunately, as I am not a registered dietician, I am not comfortable sharing nutritional information of my recipes. Please use online resources to obtain such information. Well, I had a boneless ham to use but no ham bone. The soup was still absolutely delicious. This was hardy and incorporated different flavor than we typically eat so was a nice change. I did add a little hot sauce and cumin toward the end and a dollop of sour cream on top.

how to make bean soup with leftover ham bone

Thanks for delicious recipe! Yes, the ham bone is excellent for soup. The carcass of a roast chicken can be stewed I use a crockpot to make a good base for soup, as well. Bits and pieces left from chopping vegetables? Vegetable stock for vegetable soup.

how to make bean soup with leftover ham bone

Waste not, WANT not. I tried this today and it was fantastic! It was comforting, complex and hearty. It made good use of a ham bone I had left over.

I saw an earlier comment about making this in a crockpot; this is how I prepared this and am very pleased with the results. I cooked the ham bone on high for two hours and then tossed in the remaining ingredients for an additional six hours.

I used Great Northern rather than white kidney beans because that was what I had on hand. I was pleased with their smooth and buttery texture in this dish. John, did you remove the ham bone after 2 hours? I never use recipes just through whatever in the pot,it always comes out wonderful? I do look at recipes just to get new ideas, then I go from there. I just wanted to add a tip for those whose hams and Christmases occur in summer. You can then make and freeze your soup. It turned out great this year but I would love to have tried your recipe instead.

And I thought you could only make pea soup with leftover ham bone! Will try this tonight and let you know how it turns out. Thank you for this wonderful sounding recipe!! I suspect you will be getting a lot hits to this page after Easter.

It was simple and plain, but it was very good. I hope I have some Italian Parsley to serve with this next time. I had ankle surgery last week and am out of commission in the kitchen for the next month or so.

Thank you for sharing! I ran across this recipe via google since we just had a ham for Easter. I have pretty much kept with your recipe. It is simmering right now. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work.

Crock Pot Ham Bone and Beans

This recipe for a hearty ham white bean soup calls for carrots, celery, onion, bay

I then saw the post on the angel hair pasta and remembered I had some roasted spaghetti squash left in fridge and added about 2 cups. Boy, did this soup hit the mark! I found your recipe because I had a leftover ham bone and remembered that when I was a kid my dad used to make a soup with ham and kidney beans that I loved. I added cabbage because I had some in the fridge, and a cup of barley.

I omitted the corn. Did you use fresh or dried thyme? If fresh, do you know how much dried you would use to get the same taste generally? I used fresh thyme for this recipe. The ratio for fresh to dry is generally 3 to 1. The only can in my pantry, other than peaches. I thought I knew every soup out there and was racking my brain what I could make with left over ham. Even my 8 and 5 year old boys loved this soup!

how to make bean soup with leftover ham bone

This is a keeper! Used chicken broth to boil the carrots and potato, then added the diced up ham, corn, and beans. This was perfect for our North Country rainy spring day!

Thank you so much! I just finished having this for dinner. It got the approval of the boys. Damn this is delicious!

Slow Cooker Ham Bone Bean Soup

I never made anything like this before and it exceeded any expectations. Probably because i made the ham stock and then i reboiled the bone to make more for the soup. I made the stock the night before so i could skim off the fat. Thanks for the recipe! Just made this ham bone soup for lunch and it is fantastic. I used fresh thyme, carrots and potatoes from our garden. The ham bone was cooked a little longer in a slow cooker and the sauteed vegetables and herbs were added to the pot for an hour.

Thank you for the delicious recipe. I also had kale in the fridge so just pored the hot soup over it, and a perfect meal. Mahalo, as we say in Hawaii. I make ham bone soup with white kidney beans, garlic, and chopped escarole. Of courseI also season with salt and pepper to taste. I add a hand full of small pasta shells and grated cheese during the last 10 minutes and let it sit for about 20 minutes before serving.

I put a Crustini in the bottom of the soup bowl, add the soup and the final addition is a drizzle of olive oil if desired My family loves this soup.

how to make bean soup with leftover ham bone

I look forward to trying this recipe! I will be cooking this for a large crowd. To double or triple the recipe, do I use multiple ham bones or use the one bone, add more water, and simmer longer to make more broth base?

You can do either or — use more bones or simply add more water as needed. Larry, it really depends on your best judgment if this ham bone is still okay to use after all this time.

I made this soup today for supper using the ham bone left over from lunch. Instead, I used navy beans. The soup is fabulous.

how to make bean soup with leftover ham bone

My seven-year-old daughter ate two bowls full. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I LOVE your blog and your food.

Leftover Ham Bean Soup

You can cook lady!! Your site is my go to site for anything Im looking for. So glad I found your recipe.

Put the bone in the freezer Christmas night and so ready for this now. Happy New Year Everyone! A friend gave me a half of ham with bone and i had to find something to do with it, I am trying your recipe mainly because i think your pretty and i have a ham bone, the recipe looks good and so do you, i am cooking it now smells so good thanks. Made this with leftover ham from Christmas and it is amazing!

I made the broth in a crock pot last night ham bone with a little meat left, 7 cups of water, 2 bay leaves, 4 whole cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, and about 20 whole peppercorns, cooked on low for 7 hours… did not skim fat and then made it today. So quick and simple! Only substitution was northern beans for kidney beans because I read the recipe wrong.

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