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How much does a diabetes nurse educator make

how much does a diabetes nurse educator make
Find out what you should be paid. With a focus on helping people make lifestyle changes that contribute to improved health, the duties of a diabetes educator include: If healthy habits, proper nutrition, control of blood pressure, regular health screenings, and tight glucose control are maintained; the risk factors for developing life destroying complications from diabetes decrease dramatically.

Diabetes Nurse

Counsel individuals and groups on basic rules of good nutrition, healthy eating habits, and how to control blood sugar levels. This chart shows the most popular skills for this job and what effect each skill has on pay. Pay Difference by Location. Larger city markers indicate a job is popular in that location. Certified Diabetes Educator Nurse.

how much does a diabetes nurse educator make

Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator. I need salary information for… Myself. Pay the right way. JobsEmployersDegrees.

how much does a diabetes nurse educator make

Family Nurse Practitioner NP. Registered Dietitian 55 profiles. Family Nurse Practitioner NP 11 profiles. Clinical Dietitian 11 profiles.

Clinical Nurse Educator Salaries in Australia

Registered Nurse RN 9 profiles. Nurse Educator 6 profiles. Work Settings The AADE survey found that 43 percent of workers were employed in universities or hospitals and 12 percent worked in the inpatient hospital setting.

how much does a diabetes nurse educator make

Make a Difference There is a potential to make a difference in the lives of many adults and children suffering from diabetes. What the Job Entails The AADE reported that 98 percent of certified diabetes educators who participated in the survey work with patients.

Diabetes Nurse Educator Careers with BSN

View salary range, bonus & benefits information for Diabetes Educator jobs in the

About the Author Audra Bianca has been writing professionally sincewith her work covering a variety of subjects and appearing on various websites. Suggest an Article Correction. These post-baccalaureate and post-graduate certificate programs typically cover the following areas:.

how much does a diabetes nurse educator make

While some MSN programs with a diabetes nursing specialization are available, it is much more common for nurses interested in advanced practice to pursue graduate-level education in a primary patient population focused specialization, such as one designed for adult, pediatric, or family nurse practitioners or clinical nurse specialists. Advanced practice registered nurses interested in diabetic care may take diabetes-related classes during their graduate program, and could arrange to have diabetic care included in the clinical experience component of their education.

In addition to holding a current, active RN license, nurses must have a minimum of two years of professional experience as an RN.

how much does a diabetes nurse educator make

They must also have no fewer than 1, hours of experience in diabetes self-management education, with a minimum of hours of experience during the year just before applying for certification, as well as 15 clock hours of continuing education related to diabetes within the two years before applying. The certification exam is given twice a year, in the spring and fall, for a one-month period, through AMP Assessment Centers.

The breakdown of the exam is as follows:. Renewal of certification takes place every five years.

how much does a diabetes nurse educator make

CDEs who can document a minimum of 1, professional practice hours in diabetes self-management education can renew by either meeting continuing education requirements or by taking the exam.

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