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How to get new social security card if lost

how to get new social security card if lost
Submit the form with one official, original or certified, document that verifies your identify. First Name on previous card.

Legal name changes and other exceptions do not count toward these limits. For example, changes in immigration status that require card updates may not count toward these limits. Also, you may not be affected by these limits if you can prove you need the card to prevent a significant hardship.

In order to get a replacement social security card you will need to provide documentation that proves you are a US citizen and your identity. All documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. The social security office will not accept photocopies, notarized copies of documents or receipts showing you applied for the document.

Social Security may use one document for two purposes, such as using your US passport as proof of both citizenship and identity. However you are still required to provide at least two separate documents.

Save time and money by utilizing our services. USA filing Services llc acts as an authorized agent for users wishing to file their social security card application, new, updates, renewals and replace social security card.

What Do I Do If I Lost My Social Security Card?

or stolen. There is no charge for a Social Security card.

The accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the user. Please allow up to days for completion. If you're unsatisfied with our filing services for any reason simply click on the cancel order link you will receive after your order or simply contact us via the contact information found directly below. USA filing service is not affiliated with any government agency.

We work for you not the government, don't wait in line, save your time and money. Allow us to prepare your forms today and receive value added services such as your completed SS-5 form, free accompanying document eBooks, step-by-step instructions, and extended customer service.

Multiple government documents are required with your form SS-5, we can help you with each document along the way.

What to Do if You Lose Your Social Security Card

We assist in making the required accompanying documentation process quick and easy with our SS-5 Application Filing Guide How to get a new social security card or replace social security card without waiting on lines. Save what is most important, your time. Allow our filing specialists to prepare your application on your behalf. We make getting a new social security card effortless and affordable, no expensive lawyers needed. Step by Step instructions and guide on how to finalize your order.

Reason for Applying Select a reason Reason for Applying What is your reason for applying: Replace social security card. Change the name displayed on your social security card.

how to get new social security card if lost

Change any information on your social security card other than name. File for the first original social security card, If you've never had a social security card before select this option.

What is the applicant's current name? First Name Please enter your first name.

how to get new social security card if lost

Middle Name Please enter your full middle name. Last Name Please enter your last name. What gender is the applicant? Enter the applicant's contact information Phone Number Example: Enter the applicant's mailing address Street Address, Apt. Please enter your answer: Mailing Address Enter an address where you can receive your card 7 to 14 days from now. Was the applicant's name at birth different from this name? Changes to past information Please specify whether there have been any changes to your personal information.

Has the applicant been granted a Social Security card before? First Name on previous card. Middle Name on previous card.

Replacement Social Security Cards

Last Name on previous card. Other Names on the card. What is the applicant's date of birth? Enter any different date of birth if used on an earlier application for a card Example: Date of Birth Show the month, day, and full 4 digit year of birth; for example, "" for year of birth. If the date of birth you enter in the first field is different from the date of birth currently shown on your Social Security record, enter the date of birth currently shown on your record in second date of birth area.

Where was the applicant born? Is the applicant over 18 years of age? The mother's SSN is known. Mother's Social Security Number Example: The father's SSN is known. Father's Social Security Number Example: If the number is not known and you cannot obtain it, check the "unknown" box. What type of citizenship does the applicant hold? Legal Alien Allowed To Work. Federal, State, or local government agency that explains why you need a Social Security number and that you meet all the requirements for the government benefit.

Most agencies do not require that you have a Social Security number. Contact us to see if your reason qualifies for a Social Security number.

how to get new social security card if lost

Voluntary Information Providing race and ethnicity information is voluntary and is requested for informational and statistical purposes only. Your choice whether to answer or not does not affect decisions we make on your application. If you do provide this information, we will treat it very carefully.

Is the applicant Hispanic or Latino? What race is the applicant?

how to get new social security card if lost

I declare under penalty of perjury that I have examined all the information on this form, and on any accompanying statements or forms, and it is true and correct to the best to my knowledge. Sign by typing your full name.

What is your relationship to the applicant? Natural Or Adoptive Parent. Who can sign for the application? If you are age 18 or older and are physically and mentally capable of reading and completing the application, you must sign.

If you are under age 18, you may either sign yourself, or a parent or legal guardian may sign for you. If you are over age 18 and cannot sign on your own behalf, a legal guardian, parent, or close relative may generally sign for you. If you cannot sign your name, you should sign with an "X" mark and have two people sign as witnesses in the space beside the mark.

Please do not alter your signature by including additional information on the signature line as this may invalidate your application. Replace an existing social security card.

Getting a replacement social security card. Purpose The ssc card was initially crafted as a way to keep track of American citizen and their Social Security.

Getting Employment Nearly everyone, who lives within in the United States, needs to be employed consistently. Schooling There is truly a lot of individuals living within the United States that would like to be able to better themselves. Social Security Retirement Benefits If you are reaching or exceed the retirement age, you are probably getting ready to apply for social security card online retirement benefits. Marriage and Divorce If you have just gotten married, you will need to replace your birth name with your married.

how to get new social security card if lost

Find your local office at the SSA website. Once your application is completed, and your information is verified, the SSA will mail your replacement Social Security card to your home address. Expect your replacement card to have the exact same full name and same Social Security number as your old card. Once you receive your new card, lock it away in a safe place until you absolutely need it.

In fact, one Social Security expert says that Social Security cards are irrelevant in the digital age, and the real priority should be targeted at fraud protection.

New / Replacement Social Security Card Application

Mar 27, You can get an original Social Security card or a replacement card if yours is lost

But if you do lose your card, Weisman strongly recommends taking direct action to protecting the cardholder from financial fraud. Other data security experts agree, citing the high risk of losing a card if you cart it around in your wallet or pocketbook.

how to get new social security card if lost

Siciliano suggests that if you really need to carry your Social Security card around, opt for a mobile approach, but with a big security precaution. If your bank or credit card company tries to use your Social Security number as an account number, ask for a new number.

As a last layer of data protection with your Social Security card, take time at least once per year to review your Social Security Earnings Statement for any indications of a breach or Social Security fraud. A lost or stolen card leaves you at higher risk of fraud, and the sooner you lock down a new card, and keep it in a safe and secure place, the better.

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