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What are all the cross breeds in tap zoom

what are all the cross breeds in tap zoom
Thanks - please tell us how to help you better. A canvas would be a better option.

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10 Incredible Mixed Cross Hybrid Breed Dogs

Sign in to your account. It is possible to zoom in the whole editor on OS X using the pinch zoom gesture on the trackpad. If you do this accidentally I can be really hard to zoom out back. Occurs in Atom 1. Share Copy sharable URL for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Code Revisions 1 Stars 25 Forks A jQuery plugin to selectively disable the iOS double-tap-to-zoom action on specific page elements and have that generate two click events instead. Hey johan, thanks for the snippet!

I'd just recommend adding a "return this;" to make it chainable. A canvas would be a better option. It would allow you much more flexibility and the graphics can be updated. You can also add multitouch easily as seen on http: By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Learn, Share, Build Each month, over 50 million developers come to Stack Overflow to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

By registering, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. The sensing for this is very wonky, but generally a shot from the rear or an obscured fish gets the penalty. As always, you can cancel before you actually post, and get the reward for free. The second reward is not affected by whether or not you screw up the photo.

This seems to be mostly governed by your Coral vitality level. The chest should only be opened for the Gems IMO. With the Expand update skills were modified and are now a bit more complex.

The first ten levels act differently from the last 10, first a minute is added each level, then after level 11 it adds one tap per second.

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The first 10 levels are of extremely low value beyond unlocking a hidden fish. The most important skill in the game, the other skills are barely even worth using without this effect. With this, a couple casts of Delicious Food will almost always give you so many rewards you can instantly level your Coralite or buy a new fish or so on. At least until level BA and beyond where it feels like the devs forgot to actually design the game.

Song of the Moon also benefits the Candy production of seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas, so I recommend simply putting all your gems toward Song of the Moon first.

It just makes your life so much easier and stacks with almost everything. This should activate Midas Tap and stay active without your finger on the phone all day. These are your passive skills, mostly not as good as the active ones. But buy at least one level of each for looks then come back and upgrade them later on as your skills start to get expensive.

what are all the cross breeds in tap zoom

Like all auto taps, these only register if the app is open, greatly limiting its effect. Since the taps still occur under Song of the Moon, upgrading this might actually be better than upgrading Volcanic Eruption assuming Song of the Moon is maxed. Buy one level because it looks nice and move on to the skills first, then come back once skills start getting expensive past level If you have enough gems to max Delicious Food and Song of the Moon, this is probably the third best option.

Your best, ad-free source of gems, these will be given like candy at first, and later levels give some very significant gem rewards. See the Achievements Section for the exact details and rewards. Unfortunately, several achievements are far beyond sane, such as tapping the screen manually 2, times.

The only reason the chest is worth opening. Simplest, most consistent way to get gems, but slowly. Tap the Free Gems button at the top of the Store tab. Ten gems per ad, per 15 minutes, forever. Achievements are a very important part of the game and you should check the Trophy menu any time you see a red! Think of them as functionally infinite boosts to keep the game from slowing down too much it still gets slow at points! Just keep an eye out.

Increases all vitality production by ten times per Star level, two times per Crown level, or 5 times for the last Crown level in a set of 5.

These give gems, which are nice, but not required.

what are all the cross breeds in tap zoom

Not all of these are worth obtaining based on their rewards alone. The later levels of this one are pretty unreasonable.

Tap the screen X times. Note the Google Play version of Hard Worker is bugged, and the k achievement will only unlock after the 1 million taps one. Not directly related to the new attendance reward system, which goes by server time instead of phone time.

The easiest achievement to farm for early gems. Just take pictures and discard them and immediately retake.

Use Accessibility features on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Position your fingers right and you can spam this action quickly. You can press the share button, cancel the draft and still get this. Almost as easily farmed as Say Cheese for this reason. Note that in-game achievements and Google Play achievements have slightly different requirements likely due to oversight.

Collection is a new series of long-term Achievements that reward you with pearls for completing lists of fish. When a Collection is complete a red! Collection has a two-tiered setup, where within each Collection Level there are five Oceans.

what are all the cross breeds in tap zoom

Each Collection Level gets significantly more difficult, so higher Levels should be ignored until earlier ones are finished. In addition, Oceans tend to require new fish in an additive manner, so Ocean 1 requires 3 fish, Ocean 2 requires all fish from Ocean 1 plus 2 fish, and so on.

AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish Hidden Fish & Gameplay Tips Guide

like to deactivate that, because I don't need it and it ennerves me.

There is no second set of Collections after finishing level 4, or any special bonus of any kind other than the pearls. Level 1 is extremely easy, requiring only one of each fish and almost no hidden fish. Collection Level 2 is much harder than it appears as it requires 6 of the Peppermint Angel, which in turn requires 30 Angelfish, a vastly steeper requirement than anything else in this tier.

It also requires the Coelacanth, thus 28 days of playing. The stretch after Z vitality is a decent time to spawn tons of Angelfish for this requirement. Collection Level 3 is where things get serious, requiring five of each fish in each list and requiring the Striped Marlin to clear even one ocean. Did anyone else just hear a loud scream? Level 4 is neigh-unreachable for all but the most seasoned veterans, requiring the Dwarf Whale and thus, DL vitality and the Giant Green Kelp before you can even unlock any oceans.

Basically you spin a slot machine by either watching an add or paying Pearls the new SUPER premium currency, on top of the existing premium currencyand the machine can give you either Vitality, Gems, Pearls, or past Event Fish. Obviously the main draw is the Event Fish.

But hey, if you like throwing money around, I have a Patreon you could contribute to too, wink wink.

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29 Sep Solved: Hey, when I triple tap on the touchscreen my phone zooms in. I would

Requires further testing and may be fixed at any time. Getting a fish in Luck Shell does not entitle you to produce more of that fish since their event is expired anyway.

what are all the cross breeds in tap zoom

The only way to get a second would be to randomly win it from the luck shell again. Note that you may have to go into the Manage menu the button is on every main menu right next to fish count to put your earned fish into the pond.

Tiny Luck Shell and possibly the others also have a strong bias towards Spring event fish. You might also get vitality, or 10, 50, or Pearls or Gems. From what I can tell Vitality is very common, gems are common, Pearls are uncommon and fish are rare.

what are all the cross breeds in tap zoom

I honestly find this most worth it for the Pearls, as spending Pearls on Craters in the Expand menu is one of the fastest ways to make permanent progress in the game. New with the Expand update is Daily Missions, found in the Trophy Menu, which are all extremely easy other than the taps. Daily Missions are the most reliable way to earn the new Pearl currency for Expand features, which can have direct effects on vitality earning.

Daily missions are always the same every day. Note the rewards have to be manually claimed, including the pearl rewards. You can wait to claim the rewards so you get 10 Coralite levels when the levels are even more expensive, but never forget to actually claim them and the pearls. If you have your Magic Conch maxed out, you can just barely squeeze in a second recharge while Spirit of Life is active.

The taps, while literally a pain, can ideally be done during the 10 minutes of Spirit of Life multiplied by Song of the Moon.

what are all the cross breeds in tap zoom

I use all 4 fingers and bounce my whole lower arm instead of using my wrist. Do some wrist stretches and alternate your hands if one gets tired. Finally we have to watch a few more ads and wait 60 minutes total. The ads are easily dealt with by Recharging skills or getting Gems in the store, both with a maximum 15 minute recharge time. Adding a new fish is almost always the most effective method of using your money once you have enough, but if your earnings are slow it might be best to upgrade smaller amounts elsewhere.

Storing your fish has no negative effects; you keep the vitality bonuses and they still count towards hidden fish unlocks. Whether Lonely Coralite or Coral, I always upgrade 25 levels at a time to get the doubling bonus.

The per-level upgrade is inconsequential. Not a hard rule, but easy to remember and should never waste too much vitality. The devs have to get paid, so watching ads is pretty significantly beneficial in this game.

what are all the cross breeds in tap zoom

If you can buy a fish before using your skills, always do so. Do this every time you get a Quest to take a photo of a fish to double your Vitality rewards. This trick works in almost any game that rewards you for sharing by the way, at least on Android. The game is really bad at staying connected with spotty internet. Close and reopen the app once the network is stable and it should continue working, same if your skills or the event tab do not appear.

You can connect to Facebook to cloud save the game in addition to Google Play and iCloudthis will allow you to transfer a save from an iPhone to an Android and vice versa.

Always log in to Facebook from your old phone with the most progress first, then log in to facebook as soon as you start playing on the new phone to transfer your save. When buying repeats of a fish, the first will be large and all the rest will be a second, smaller size. The difference is especially noticeable with whales and sharks.

A blue clownfish will not school with an orange clownfish, though due to sharing AI their general movement pattern will be similar. Cheating the clock has major downsides and will disable most of your skills and some other features like Events due to the always-online features in the game, but a few tricks still work. Moving the clock forward by 31 minutes after you close the game can also give you a chance at getting any of the Notification Fish.

You can also reset the Get Free Gems option in the Store menu by moving the clock 31 minutes ahead after closing the game. While it results in watching a lot of ads, this seems to be the only way for iOS users to get gems faster after running out of achievements.

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