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What are we voting for on super tuesday in alabama

what are we voting for on super tuesday in alabama
In Alaska and Wyoming, which are hosting caucuses, only Republicans will vote. Let's start in Alabama for our weekly segment Worlds You'll Hear.

Moore, Strange advance to GOP runoff in Alabama special election

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what are we voting for on super tuesday in alabama

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what are we voting for on super tuesday in alabama

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But a come-from-behind win by Strange would pour cold water over the movement, marking another failure against a particularly vulnerable incumbent who was not particularly entrenched, having just been appointed to the seat earlier this year.

what are we voting for on super tuesday in alabama

A Strange win would also be further vindication for the expensive scorched-earth strategy that McConnell-aligned outside groups have deployed against primary challengers in the last few years. Virtually every public poll — even including one released by Senate Leadership Fund — has shown Moore ahead of Strange.

Trump urges Alabama rally goers to vote on Super Tuesday

Yet the margins have varied widelyand SLF and other groups have continued investing in the primary based on their own polling showing a much, much closer contest. Special elections and primaries can be especially volatile.

'All eyes turn to Alabama' as Tuesday's Senate race looms

And this is the latest public test for a polling industry that has more trouble than ever getting election results right. Attorney Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee in the special election, was never going to get much attention in heavily Republican Alabama.

Send McConnell a message.

what are we voting for on super tuesday in alabama

All the candidates are using that, even the lesser-known ones. Congressman Mo Brooks, this past week, has been on a drain-the-swamp tour. Now, nobody is likely to get a majority of the vote in this primary on Tuesday, so the GOP race will probably head to a runoff, and then whoever wins the runoff would face a Democratic nominee in December. And just on that side, coming up Tuesday, the lead contender there is former U.

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August 13, 5: Heard on All Things Considered.

Alabama Voters Go To Polls To Fill Seat Left Vacant By Jeff Sessions

5 days ago Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore leads in most polls,

How is President Trump figuring into the race? This would mean no diminution of support among our people for Trump as president. Up until the Alabama primary, the PAC mostly stayed out of primary battles.

what are we voting for on super tuesday in alabama

It has, more recently, signaled that it also intends to spend millions of dollars during Nevada's primary election next year in support of U.

Dean Heller, who is viewed as vulnerable. A Strange win on Tuesday and during the runoff, however, could equate to a big win for Trump and McConnell. Said Bruce Oppenheimer, a professor of public policy and education at Vanderbilt University in Nashville: Perhaps that will hold some Republican senators from deep red states closer to the president for the short term.

But I doubt that its impacts will persist through the elections because a series of other events will intervene. Plus, many states are not like Alabama, and a Trump endorsement or being supportive of Trump may not play the same way. Indeed, most political observers believe that the midterms will offer up a different storyline than what is playing out in Alabama.

what are we voting for on super tuesday in alabama

Alabama's primary is expected to draw modest numbers of voters, whereas most political observers expect to be a banner year for midterm turnout.

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