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What is the population pyramid of nigeria in 2014

what is the population pyramid of nigeria in 2014
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Nigeria Age structure

Population Pyramids: Nigeria - Population: ,, % %

Nearly half of Libya 's population consists of children younger than age The Middle East and North Africa are currently experiencing a prominent youth bulge. The Middle East has invested more in education, including religious education, than most other regions such that education is available to most children.

Population pyramids: Powerful predictors of the future - Kim Preshoff

The youth bulge in the Middle East and North Africa has been favorably compared to that of East Asia, which harnessed this human capital and saw huge economic growth in recent decades. In turn, this declining dependency ratio can have a positive impact on overall economic growth, creating a demographic dividend. The ability of a particular economy to harness this dividend, however, is dependent on its ability to ensure the deployment of this growing working-age population towards productive economic activity, and to create the jobs necessary for the growing labor force.

what is the population pyramid of nigeria in 2014

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what is the population pyramid of nigeria in 2014

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what is the population pyramid of nigeria in 2014

Population An introduction to concepts and issues. Population An Introduction to concepts and issues. Retrieved 29 March Conflict Management and Peace Science.

what is the population pyramid of nigeria in 2014

Nigeria ranked 4 for total fertility rate amongst Former British colonies in Nigeria ranked second for birth rate amongst Religious countries in Nigeria has had the highest future population change since Nigeria ranked second for number of under-five deaths globally in Cost of living stats. Add NationMaster content to your website. Copy code below and paste it into your website.

what is the population pyramid of nigeria in 2014

Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, is composed of more than ethnic groups; the following are the most populous and politically influential: Mother's mean age at first birth. Major infectious diseases Marriage, divorce and children Density and urbanisation 8. Drinking water source 6.

Nigeria Census

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Sanitation facility access 6. Literacy rate for adult male population is Literacy rate for adult female population is Youth literacy rates are The overall youth literacy rate is Youth literacy rate definition covers the population between the ages of 15 to 24 years.

Population pyramid

Nigeria Population clock live Demographics of Nigeria As of 1 Januarythe population of Nigeria was estimated to be , people. Below are the key figures for Nigeria population in Nigeria population density Nigeria population density is Nigeria age structure As of the beginning of according to our estimates Nigeria had the following population age distribution: Age dependency ratio Dependency ratio of population is a ratio of people who are generally not in the labor force the dependents to workforce of a country the productive part of population.

what is the population pyramid of nigeria in 2014

The total dependency ratio of population in Nigeria is Child dependency ratio Child dependency ratio is a ratio of people below working age under 15 to workforce of a country. Child dependency ratio in Nigeria is Thus a Gini index of 0 represents perfect equality, while an index of implies perfect inequality.

Demographics of Nigeria

Dependency ratio is the ratio of dependents--people younger than 15 or older than to the working-age population--those ages 15 to Worldwide Governance Indicators are measured on a scale from The closer to 2. Government Effectiveness is a composite governance indicator with data from multiple sources.

what is the population pyramid of nigeria in 2014

Global Competitiveness Index defines competitiveness as the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity of a country. The level of productivity, in turn, sets the level of prosperity that can be earned by an economy. The different aspects of competitiveness are captured in 12 pillars, ranging from institutional strength to market size.

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