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How to build a cement parking pad

how to build a cement parking pad
Oh, good, now I don't feel so bad! Someday, we will have less dirt to sweep up inside, because we will have a sidewalk between the house and garage.

Pull a masons strings across so you can get it set level.

How To Lay A Concrete Pad

I notched the top of each stake and pounded them in every few feet. The notch needs to be below the top of the bar. It sounds harder than it is to do.

Also be sure to put a notch in your framework so the bar doesn't stick above it. For a bar, I used conduit. However, conduit could bend easily, so I strengthened it by running a piece of rebar inside of it. This picture below shows an example of my screet board. The end you don't see rests on the outside board of the framework.

The end you do see rests on the screet board. When you pour cement, you move this board back and forth to level the cement with the top of the form. Finally, you need to raise the rebar up off the ground. You can buy special legs that do this. I tend to use small rocks or chunks of concrete. Of course you can also pull-up the rebar as your pouring cement, but I prefer to have it already off the ground when I start pouring.

Also, after your done tieing the rebar together, be sure the ends of the wires point down. Check your local codes to see if you need plastic, and if so how thick the plastic needs to be. For this project plastic was not required. Now you are ready to order concrete. Best way to figure it up is to call your concrete company with the dimensions of your project. They'll tell you in a jiffee as to how many yards of concrete you need. Otherwise you can figure it up the yards yourself by using the following formula in feet.

how to build a cement parking pad

In my case, it was 24 feet x 11 feet x. I also ordered a strength of psi. For a parking pad, you may be able to get by with psi. Your concrete company can help you determine what's right for your project. In case there's extra cement, I always have a use for it somewhere. Today I had another small pad set-up for a basketball hoop.

By the way, if some of you are convinced that you can save money by mixing the concrete yourself -- your nuts. Maybe doing the basketball hoop pad you'll be fine -- but for anything over a yard, order it by truck. One reason is that it's about impossible to mix concrete fast enough for anything over a yard without running into drying and finishing problems.

There's a few other things you need to have ready before the concrete truck arrives. Have a hose with a sprayer handy. Have a couple 5-gallon buckets of water.

Have mud boots available. Rent a concrete bull float with a handle long enough to reach across your pad.

How to Lay a Concrete Pad

Also have a broom available with a long handle for final finishing. You'll also need a concrete edger and a trowel.

how to build a cement parking pad

I used a 12' screet board for my 11' wide pad. And finally, find a couple of helping hands. OK, we're ready, call the cement truck.

how to build a cement parking pad

So you need to be ready! And don't expect the driver to be much help.

Sidewalks and Concrete Pads

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His job is to move the truck backward and forwards, and to run the concrete down the chute. Pouring concrete works best with 3 people.

how to build a cement parking pad

Start pouring at one end of the pad. Stop every so often and screet the concrete level with your framework using your screet board. You may have to screet twice. As you screet, fill in any voids.

As you pour, jab your shovel in and out of the concrete along the entire edge of your framework. This helps make for a smooth edge when you remove the framework later.

Part 2 How to pour your own concrete PARKING LOT.

Then pour the next section and screet some more. Hopefully you reach the end of your pour without running out of concrete. In the picture below, you can see that we are pouring the last section of the pad.

Notice that we have screeted the concrete up to the last section. Yes, the driver will give you time to stop and screet. Don't pile up too much concrete, as screeting becomes a lot harder.

how to build a cement parking pad

For this job, it took us about 25 minutes to pour and screet. The picture below shows the screet board. You are now moving on to the finishing phase. This is the phase that makes most do-it-yourselfers nervous. If you've never finished concrete, you definitely want to practice on a couple small 3x3 or 4x4 pads before doing a large project.

how to build a cement parking pad

Use your stringlines and dazzle to mark out where the perimeter of your concrete pad is going. Do all necessary soil removal prior to placing your boxing timber and base course down. A concrete pad can be level with the ground or raised above it. For this job we are laying the pad level with ground. This shed requires a total depth of mm. This depth can vary depending on the job or terrain. Generally speaking, a floor slab or a driveway will be mm minimum basecourse and sand, and mm concrete.

Before commencing work, check with your local council as you may require a permit. Peg the boxing timber in place. Make sure it is level so your shed sits flat, and then fix the pegs to the boxing timber. Rake and remove any loose dirt. For this shed we are going to create a rebate. This is a step around the edge of the concrete pad which the shed will sit into.

We do this just for the purpose of water tightness. How To Outdoors Structures. Excavate the Area Mark the edge of the area with a spade, cutting down into the grass. Build Wooden Frame Level pegs around the site to the depth of the concrete pad plus foundations. Add Crushed Stone Lay a 4-inch layer of crushed stone in the bottom of all the formwork and compact with a roller or rented vibrator compactor.

How to Build a Concrete Pad

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Pour Concrete Pour foundation concrete into the first section. Smooth Concrete Use a float to smooth the surface of the concrete. Cover With Plastic Sheet Cover the pad with a plastic sheet to protect it from the weather.

How to Pour a Concrete Walkway 5 Steps. How to Install a Paver Sidewalk 10 Steps.

how to build a cement parking pad

Build them along the outside edge of where the pad will be. Construct forms from two-by-twelve lumber if you are building something like a garage floor, and two-by-six lumber for smaller pads that do not have trenches built along the perimeter. Anchor the forms in place with two-by-four stakes driven straight into the ground along the outside of the form. Support those stakes with two-by-four kickers driven into the ground at an angle, and resting against each stake.

The forms should be mostly level, save for a slight grade of about a quarter-inch per foot that allows water runoff. Achieve proper drainage and add a base to the concrete by adding granular fill, such as limestone gravel. Tamp the fill to compact it. Smaller pads may need just a few of inches of fill, but larger pads require up to 5 or 6 inches.

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