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What is the biggest deer ever

what is the biggest deer ever
Same scenario, except this time a small buck walked out, with the big boy on his heels. Thanks to trail cams, magazine articles, video and shed antlers, this deer was hardly a mystery to hunters back in

A nice place to hang the V-belts.

The Top 40 Typical and Nontypical Whitetails of All Time

That's what this deer rack was used for before the hunter's nephew decided to put a tape to them. Yet rancher and hunter Stephen Jansen didn't necessarily care for the antlers as they weren't perfectly balanced, though the mice appreciated the dried head in Jansen's shop. Even if Jansen didn't care for it, this buck was a doozy no one had ever seen before in the ranch country northwest of Calgary.

The buck was yards away when Jansen shot him with his Husqvarna.

what is the biggest deer ever

He writes, "It was the easiest whitetail I've ever shot. This buck is proof that hunters will lose their mind over a big rack. Bradley Jerman was sitting in a tripod blind filming a few deer when this whopper showed up out of nowhere. With too little light to shoot it with his crossbow, he filmed the buck and concocted a an incredibly stupid scheme to spend the night in the blind. He was wearing just a few layers from his afternoon hunt. A few hours later, he was on his hands and knees, trying to make as little noise as possible while he made his way back to his warm home.

He popped in the video and watched the deer's antlers glow. He tried to sleep that night, but got very little.

what is the biggest deer ever

He was out the door by 3 a. When daylight came, the antlers appeared. The buck followed a doe right up to one of the legs of Jerman's stand. He walked off, eventually giving Jerman a shot. He connected and it was all over in a matter of minutes. This could be heater-hunting at its finest. Whitkow, Saskatchewan is in middle of nowhere farmland Canada, which translates into big whitetail country.

7 Biggest Non-Typical Whitetail Deer in the Record Books

Peter Swinstun has been farming the area his whole life and spotted an absolute pig of a whitetail grazing in his oat field a month prior. That's right, an oat fed Booner buck.

One evening Peter was out picking up some hay bales to feed his cows. He spotted a monster buck sneaking away nearly a mile off. He and his hunting buddy Dale jumped in the truck and took off after him. Nearing a brushy ravine, they split up: Dale went low and Peter drove to the top of a hill.

Potential world-record nontypical buck taken in Tennessee

biggest antlers of any whitetail ever shot by a hunter. (Two pick-up entries remain

After walking through the brush a while, the buck finally bolted toward Dale who unloaded on him with his. They pile back in the truck and drive to the next ravine. Same scenario, except this time a small buck walked out, with the big boy on his heels.

what is the biggest deer ever

Dale unloaded again, and runs out of bullets. The buck stopped around yards away and Peter fired. He hit the buck, but it doesn't go down. Then they drive the truck to where the buck stood and see him working up another ravine.

Peter hit him in the neck with his.

Deer Pictures: Real Slobberknockers

With a net non-typical Boone and Crockett score of 5/8, that deer had the

They loaded him in the truck and drive home. Peter would later write of his account that "excitement filled me when I learned that this could be a World's Record set of antlers. I found out later it wasn't quite that large, and I have to admit I was quite disappointed. If Don McGarvey wasn't wearing his safety harness when he saw this deer from his stand, it's likely his head would be on some deer's wall. Fourth place goes to a pound buck killed in Bayfield County, Wisconsin, in Fifth place would have to go to a buck killed in New York in That deer officially weighed pounds dressed.

what is the biggest deer ever

These rankings are open for debate. While researching this topic with my friend Keith McCaffery, a retired deer research biologist, we found several mentions of heavier deer.

Whopper Whitetails — The Biggest Bucks On Record Many hunters kill trophy deer each year, but very, very few manage to take bucks like these one-of-a-kind monsters. Keith Sutton — March 24, The Hanson Buck Whitetail history is filled with landmark events, but perhaps none more noteworthy than the one occurring on the morning of November 23, Biggest Deer Ever The largest member of the deer family that ever lived, the Irish elk, became extinct around 7, years ago.

what is the biggest deer ever

Knight, art is in public domain. Michaelean PikeSeptember 27, Protect your passion Michaelean PikeSeptember 13, When should you use coyote decoys?

Dustin ButlerJuly 24, That made it the highest-scoring buck ever shot by a hunter.

what is the biggest deer ever

Tucker first spotted the deer before rifle season began, on land his family leases to farm in Gallatin, northeast of Nashville. Big bucks are not common in Tennessee. A incher in Tennessee? Tell us what you think.

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what is the biggest deer ever

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