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What does the word symposium mean

what does the word symposium mean
Recent Examples of symposium from the Web Investors are also keeping an eye on the Jackson Hole symposium where Federal Bank chair Janet Yellen could signal how the central bank will begin unwinding its balance sheet. Help us add to the Cambridge Dictionary! You Also Might Like


In JanuaryKoonin oversaw a daylong symposium to discuss the American Physical Society's statement on climate change where the debate became testy. As proof, Thielman posted a screenshot of a video to Twitter, in which Abe gives a keynote address in English at a coastal resilience symposium.

what does the word symposium mean

In a June symposium about the trials, Baker spoke about the volatile political and social climate in Salem in the s. Definition of symposium for English Language Learners. Learn More about symposium Thesaurus: Seen and Heard What made you want to look up symposium?

What does the word materialism mean today? International Symposium on Alain Badiou, Materialism, and Dialectics.

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Meaning of “symposium” in the English Dictionary

Symposium definition, a meeting or conference for the discussion of some

A Word of Pure Imagination An everlasting gobstopper of a word. Anything Goes in the Stew Words for a little bit of everything. Ask the Editors Words of the Year: Literary works that describe or take place at a symposium include two Socratic dialogues, Plato's Symposium and Xenophon's Symposium, as well as a number of Greek poems such as the elegies of Theognis of Megara. Symposia are depicted in Greek and Etruscan art that shows similar scenes.

what does the word symposium mean

The equivalent in Roman society is the Latin convivium. Song lyrics by symposium -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by symposium on the Lyrics.

what does the word symposium mean

Capabilities haven't developed as quickly or as fully as they might, the Symposium will hopefully coalesce these ongoing but somewhat disjointed efforts towards amphibious capability. But there is no reason to suppose that he is deriding them, any more than he is deriding the phenomena of love or of enthusiasm in the Symposiumor of oracles in the Apology, or of divine intimations when he is speaking of the daemonium of Socrates.

There are nearer approaches to modern metaphysics in the Philebus and in the Sophist; the Politicus or Statesman is more ideal; the form and institutions of the State are more clearly drawn out in the Laws; as works of art, the Symposium and the Protagoras are of higher excellence. The collegians, assembled in Symposium in the Snuggery that night, marvelled what had happened to their Father; he walked so late in the shadows of the yard, and seemed so downcast.

what does the word symposium mean

Philolaus introduced the law for the equal distribution of goods; Plato that for the community of women, children, and goods, and also for public tables for the women; and one concerning drunkenness, that they might observe sobriety in their symposiums. The authors identify and discuss the main themes from the discourse on the internationalization of educational and vocational guidance at the Symposium on International Perspectives on Career Development, cosponsored by the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance and the National Career Development Association.

Word Origin and History for symposium Expand.

what does the word symposium mean

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what does the word symposium mean

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