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What it feels like to lose virginity

what it feels like to lose virginity
Guest over a year ago Okay. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. But i wanted to ask does who've lost their virginity on how it feels.

what it feels like to lose virginity

If you think the answer to "Does losing your virginity hurt" is it will be very painful, here we will give you some tips on how to make it less painful and a pleasurable experience for the very first time. Last Updated 29 September, Does Losing Your Virginity Hurt? If you really feel like having sex, it will make you feel good.

If you are forced to have sex, it will end up as a painful experience. If you are not ready for intercourse, indulge in other activities.

What happens the first time you have sex?

Sex is a healthy and fun way to bond with your partner. If you consider it as a taboo, you will not enjoy it.

what it feels like to lose virginity

When you look at it positively, you will be more sexually satisfied. Spend time to think about what you expect from this experience and what it means to you. Although you will never be fully prepared, being ready for it will make it a more pleasurable experience.

what it feels like to lose virginity

Any type of sex will cause some emotional response to us. You can analyze how sex makes you feel and how you react if things do not go the way you plan. Setting your expectations would be good. You should look at your body positively and in a good way. You should be ready for contraceptive methods. You should think of what will make you feel safe and comfortable and thus enjoy the sex.

what it feels like to lose virginity

You should masturbate to know what works for you. But i wanted to ask does who've lost their virginity on how it feels. Like how much pain it really is. I really wanna know how it feels so i know what im gonna get myself into when i do loose it.

what it feels like to lose virginity

MisterHo over a year ago Well I'm not a girl, but I know that for you. If you've masturbated in the past, then it's probably not gonna hurt that much, but if you're a tight prude girl who's never even thought about touching herself A lot of women bleed during their first time or within their first few times. It's perfectly natural to feel a little bit of pain.

10 Things No One Tells You About Losing Your Virginity

I wouldn't really be scared though because sex is a perfectly natural thing, and you're going to have to have it sometime. Make the guy use a lot of lube. Some women feel no pain at all. For me, the experience was purely emotional, I felt no pain, and didn't feel any "different" afterwards. Nomad over a year ago Well, it depends on whether or not you actually have your hymen still intact.

I can't say for sure what that would feel like as I masturbated quite a bit before losing my virginty. I've heard it's more painful if it is intact.

what it feels like to lose virginity

Either way, my first time wasn't really painful during it but afterwards I felt awkward and a little bit of stinging. However, it wasn't all that painful and it didn't last too long. Maybe about 15 minutes or so. SnowboardingQT over a year ago I lost my virginity at 17 after my boyfriend had been fingering me for maybe a month we'd been together for over a year at that point. I thought that maybe it wouldn't hurt so much but he was really big I mean huge and I ended up bleeding a lot.

Yeah, the pain was there but it was kind of like I don't know how to describe it. That was almost 5 years ago. Slipping is one thing - but he shifted position and then thrust hard enough to break through? Oh and to answer your 2nd question. If you feel the tear goes past the normal and you are still in pain days later it might be good to go to the ob-gyn. I have heard of bad tears happening, and you'd want this to heal properly were that the case.

Some tear just by horse riding or something like that, others it takes a lot more. A violent thrust like he made, could do some damage though, especially if you were not prepared for it. This is the type of thing some guys would either plan sneakily, "I'm just going to do this" and then they do more suddenly - and some others might get aroused and carried away, and just go for it all, so to speak.

What does losing your virginity feel like?

It can feel like everyone is obsessed with talking about losing your virginity.

I hope either way he at least apologised, this is no way to lose your virginity. You should have had a say in it! I'm sorry but the story makes me a bit angry! That 'hard thrust' is a real red flag. If 'hard thrusts' aren't your thing, stay with women and vibrators. The murky waters of my mind Painful, and yes there was blood, but it was good.

Just go slow is my advice and make sure it's someone you're comfortable with who cares enough about you to do things at your pace and experiment the first few times until you're more relaxed with the whole thing. Pain and bleeding are normal since you broke the hymen. I had the same thing, I don't remember how long it lasted but once that was over, sex was very pleasurable.

If your really concerned, go see the doctor but I think what you are feeling is normal. Well for some women having sex for the first time is painful, for some other women it isn't. I didn't feel any pain when I had sex for the first time, for me it was actually quite nice. It was all new and exciting and I was a bit tence of course, but that's all.

what it feels like to lose virginity

I'll be 19 on July 31st. I want to know what losing your virginity feels like? Im kinda scared but I want to try it with my bf. How unbearable is the pain once the penis enters the vagina?

If it hurts how long will it If it hurts how long will it hurt? Where do i buy the lub? What excrises can i do to break my hymen? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I think first and foremost, Make sure you trust Him and are comfortable with him.

I didnt know what it was all about so i let him do whatever to me, Which was the most unbearable pain because he just went straight in with his penis, No foreplay, Not even kissing, I just said, i want to lose my virginity will you help me! So that is definately not the way to do it, back then i didnt know what "being wet" was!

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