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How to decorate cake with buttercream icing

how to decorate cake with buttercream icing
Lindsay, this is fantastic! Instead opt for flavors like lemon, orange, lime oil, or other all-natural flavorings.

When it comes times to making cakes, the hardest part sometimes is the frosting. How do you apply the frosting without ruining the cake? Well, it takes a delicate touch, and some advice from a professional, so watch this video to learn how to decorate a buttercream frosting cake. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Make a person out of sugar paste or ready to use icing How To: Air dry flowers made from buttercream frosting to use as cake decorations How To: You can withdraw your consent at any time.

how to decorate cake with buttercream icing

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Vanilla buttercream frosting is softer and more spreadable than most icings. Use for icing cakes, piping borders, writing, flowers, etc.

Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Supplies here:Fondant Smoother:

Buttercream can also be prepared with all shortening, resulting in a pure white icing. View Instructions View Supply List.

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Add To Favorites Print Project. Step 2 Gradually add 4 cups sifted powdered sugar, one cup at a time, beating well on medium speed.

Step 3 Gradually add 2 tablespoons of milk; beat at medium speed until light and fluffy. Some brands will be vary salty and others not so much. Therefore I have changed the recipe to reflect unsalted butter.

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The texture of the butter makes a BIG difference. When you microwave butter like this, you run the risk of melting the butter which will make your frosting runny and grainy. Ideally you want your butter to be soft enough to whip with a mixer or beater but not so soft it will melt. Related Savory Sweet Life post: How to Frost a Cake.

Savory Sweet Life Recipe type: Cake Decorating Prep time: This recipe uses powdered sugar, butter, vanilla and milk. This is a great recipe for decorating and piping on cupcakes and cake. Ideal texture should be like ice cream. Add 3 cups of powdered sugar and turn your mixer on the lowest speed so the sugar doesn't blow everywhere until the sugar has been incorporated with the butter.

how to decorate cake with buttercream icing

Try for a happy mediummixing a bit of both into your recipe. When it comes to flavoring your buttercream icing, the possibilities are nearly endless.

how to decorate cake with buttercream icing

If you're icing a sweet cake, avoid flavorings with high sugar content - like liqueurs. Instead opt for flavors like lemon, orange, lime oil, or other all-natural flavorings.

If you're looking for pure white icing, use clear vanilla extracts as opposed to brown extracts. If you'll be flavoring with heavy flavors, like fruits, chocolate or nut pastes, you should add the flavors after the icing has been made.

Add in 3 tbsp. Simply mix in 3 tbsp. Coloring Your Buttercream Icing. Buttercream is pretty simple to tint. Recipes made with white shortening and clear vanilla extracts performs the best.

how to decorate cake with buttercream icing

When picking out your food coloring, use gel or powdered versions for the job as opposed to liquids. It will keep the texture more even and firm. A little color goes a long way. Rolled buttercream is very similar to fondant and marzipan, but with some fairly significant differences.

It's sweet, very pliable and also firm enough to mold.

Masterclass: How to Decorate a Layer Cake with Smooth Buttercream Icing

It's made up of equal parts Karo syrup and Crisco -- minus the milk, butter, and eggs whites or meringue powder. However, it's very soft and thin. It's a good idea to give yourself some practice runs before you're first official shot. While not as tough as fondant, rolled buttercream takes less work and just tastes better. People often compare the taste to Tootsie Roll candies. Buttercream, in any form, is sensitive to heat and humidity.

Buttercream Frosting Recipe

You also can use it to make shaped flowers, borders, and embossing. However, keep in mind that rolled buttercream has a shiny, versus a matte, finish.

This may mean that you have to dust the covering with a sugar-cornstarch mixture to dull down the glare. You may wish to consider a 25 percent rolled buttercream and 74 percent rolled fondant for the best of both. There are two main categories of meringue-based buttercream - Swiss and Italian.

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how to decorate cake with buttercream icing

Take an online course in Cake Decorating. Here you'll heat egg whites, sugar, and an acid such as cream of tartar in a bain-marie water bath until the sugar is dissolved.

Then transfer the mixture into a mixer, and whip until a stiff foam forms and the temperature of degrees Fahrenheit for minutes to "cook" the egg. Then your butter is beaten in. A beautiful, white buttercream that really smooths out on a cake. If you'll be working or displaying in warm weather, alter your recipe with a high-ration shortening for a more stable icing. This is a stronger, more popular mix. Once you've whipped your meringue to stiff peaks, then cooled it to room temperature, you'll add in degree Fahrenheit sugar syrup into whipping white eggs.

Once you've whipped the mixture, add softened butter, little by little, whipping the mixture into a fluffy consistency. This version has more stability and holds up well in the heat. Both can be frozen and keep for long-term storage. Now that you know the low-down on buttercream, it's time to explore the wonders of working with Royal Icing.

how to decorate cake with buttercream icing

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